The Studio

Why do we do what we do? Because we believe in making things greater than they are. That’s it.

We spent a while (longer than we’d care to admit, really) thinking about what we are. An agency? A studio? Interactives? Advertisers? Thinkers? Doers? Believers? And, after a while, we came to a conclusion: “What?” is the wrong question.We realized that the real question is “Why?”

So, why do we do what we do? We build and create brands because we believe in making things greater than they are.

It’s about that simple. We practice the philosophy of Greater Than. We distinguish between good and great. And it shows in everything we do.


Every challenge reveals new capabilities. Every exploration yields fresh expertise. Believe it.

We create powerful brand experiences across a variety of platforms. We reveal truths about brands through strategic insights. And we thrill customers with creative engagements.

We specialize in food and beverage, active lifestyle and fitness, travel and tourism, as well as quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants and franchise experience. We also have several clients in Entertainment and Retail categories. And, while we always love to leverage our expertise in those categories, we believe we’re up for challenges of all shapes and sizes.

Fuchsia has in-house expertise in advertising strategy, brand identity, web design and development, mobile apps, social media marketing and retail design. But above all, we look for clients who believe in the same things we believe in, clients who value our insights and help us arrive together at a creative experience that moves their audience and propels their brand. We’re looking for co-conspirators, partners, friends and comrades.

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